Lance Lace Up Sweater Mauve Cable Knit


by Show Me Your MuMu

$ 150.00

Lance the Lace Up is a knitty girly girl that keeps you warm, but also keeps you super cool! She’s not like most of our Mumu Mellow. She’s a cutie patootie cable knit sweater that laces all the way up the front to show off a little skin. We love her when we’re heading to the mountains for a cabin getaway with the crew. She’s easy peasy with your Berkeleys and a beanie around the fire with your besties! 

Vendor Information

Mumu is a lifestyle where free-spirits adorn themselves in free-flowing dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, and strappy sandals. For the girls who live for care-free, effortless and easy style, Mumu takes vacation vibes and city street wear to create the ultimate girl boss brand.