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Dream Journal $ 19.99
This guided journal is the perfect way to start your journey into the world of lucid dreaming and dream interpretation. With its clear and concise instructions, you'll be on your way to having more vivid and memorable dreams in no time. Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean? Have you ever wanted to have more control over your dreams? If so, then the Dream Journal is the perfect tool for you. This guided journal is designed to help you explore your dreams and understand their meaning. It includes exercises to help you remember your dreams, interpret their symbols, and even have lucid dreams. The Dream Journal is also a great way to record your dreams and track your progress. With each entry, you can write down what you dreamed about, how you felt, and any insights you gained. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced lucid dreamer, the Dream Journal is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about their dreams. Features: Guided exercises to help you remember your dreams Interpretation tools to help you understand your dreams Tips for having lucid dreams Space to record your dreams and track your progress Benefits: Learn more about your dreams Understand their meaning Have more control over your dreams Track your progress Improve your dream recall Start your journey into the world of lucid dreaming today! Buy the Dream Journal now.
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No Idea What I'm Doing Book $ 17.99
In No Idea What I’m Doing But F*ck It, Lim documents the process of his inner and outer journey of self-discovery. This journey involved awakening to the fact that he wanted more out of life, the internal struggle he faced while convincing himself to leave the only home he knew, and eventually departing his comfort zone by buying a one-way plane ticket. This collection of prose explores the obstacles we must face and figure out for ourselves, the discovery of our true purpose, and the realization that many things in life are more straightforward than we imagine them to be, despite how unnecessarily complicated we make them.
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You're Overthinking It $ 17.99
"You’re Overthinking It: How to Find Lifelong Love by Being Your True Self" is the ultimate guide to understanding relationships and enhancing your feelings of worth and self-esteem so that you can find and keep a happy, loving, and mutually fulfilling relationship. Do you wonder why it’s so hard for you to have the life and love you want? Do you feel powerless in your relationships, like you’re at the mercy of someone else, feeling like you’re chasing a relationship instead of choosing it? Do you get caught in an endless, obsessive, analytical loop trying to understand why nothing works out? Do you find yourself dating the same copy-paste versions of people over and over? Do you know what it takes to have true, lasting love? Do you know the red flags to watch out for and how to be the kind of person that easily and effortlessly gets what they want in life? Do you understand why things haven’t quite worked out the way you wanted them to? Acclaimed relationship expert Sabrina Alexis Bendory answers all of these questions and more, sharing everything you need to know to find and keep love that lasts.