Boston Marathon

As this year’s Boston Marathon on April 16th draws closer, the residents and businesses of the city can’t help but feel a bit giddy. There’s something unique about being able to associate your home town with one of the world’s most renown and oldest road races.

More Than A Race

But this race is more than just a race – it’s become an event that embodies hope, inspiration, strength, and willpower. The 26.2 mile race from Hopkinton to Boston has become a way for individuals to run for causes that help others in need. Every year thousands of runners team up with organizations and foundations in order to raise funds for a variety of different causes.

Meet the Inspirational #LITBabes

LIT Boutique has been profoundly impacted by the number of dedicated and hard-working female athletes who are running for a cause. As part of our #LITCares campaign, our goal is to help three #LITBabes achieve their fundraising goals and raise awareness for the organizations they will be running for on Marathon Monday.

We approached Ela Bajus, Casey Arnold, Jordan Smith and Sarah Blougouras and asked them: #WHYRUN?

#LITCares Is Dedicated To Making A Difference

Each of these #LITBabes has been invited into our stores for a styling session and Instagram photoshoot. Leading up to the race, LIT Boutique will post a photo from their photoshoot along with their story of #WHYRUN in this year’s Boston Marathon. Links will also be provided to their respective foundation’s donation pages.