Live a #LITLife


As a women-led, minority-owned business, we want to encourage a movement to #LiveLIT. Living a LIT Life is not just about the clothes you wear; it is about what you do in them - all of your big moves, ambitions and a-ha moments that make you a force for change in your own life, your community and the world. 

In a time when the world needs change agents to take action, we are doubling down on our mission to live that #LITLife in a way that gives back, and has an impact that is bigger than our boutique. For every purchase of $100 or more on our site, LIT is giving $10 to the charity of your choice. A little bit goes a long way - that $10 could help fund scholarships, anti-racism education programs, anti-bullying initiatives to protect LGBTQIA+ youth, a day's worth of food for a child in need, and so much more.
Donate directly through your order confirmation email to any of the 1.6 million registered U.S. charities.
Live LIT and leave a legacy.